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Dark studio starter kit

The starter kit includes everything you need to get started with black and white photography. It inlcudes a camera, a darkroom printing workshop and a lifetime membership to Dark Studio. If you want to get into analogue photography and darkroom printing, this is how you do it.



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Starter Kit



What's included

The starter kit has everything you need to start taking black and white photos and to learn how to print them.

  • 1 x Ilford HP5+ Single Use Camera

    A perfect starter camera to get you into analogue photography. The Ilford single use camera is easy to use and is already loaded with black and white film. Shoot all the photos and then bring it into the studio for us to develop.

  • 1 x Beginners Printing Workshop

    A 2 hour print workshop. We’ll take you through everything you need to know and provide all the equipment that you need to create photographic prints of the photos you've taken

  • 1 x Dark Studio Membership

    By being a member, you will be able to book the darkroom for personal use at any time. We have all the equipment that you’ll need to be able to continue turning your photos into beautiful prints.