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Dark Studio
188 Shoreditch Highstreet
E1 6HU

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Dark Studio is a brand new darkroom in the heart of Shoreditch. Opened in March 2019, our space was designed from the ground up to be the perfect place to develop and print black and white photography.

With a super relaxed vibe, our space is great for both darkroom beginners and seasoned vets with a full range of equipment available including: A custom built lightbox table, 5x printing booths, a heated drying rack, custom build sinks - large enough for A0 prints and the specific chemicals you need. We also sell paper, film and cameras at our reception.


Darkroom Hire

Hire our darkroom for 2 hour sessions for you to fully utilise all our facilities. Read more about our equipment and chemicals on the following link.

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Commercial Services

Our experienced professionals can hand develop prints from negatives. We can make B&W prints up to A0 from 35mm or medium format negatives. For more information please email.

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We know it's important to know what tools you're going to be working with. So here's a breakdown of all the equipment avaiable to use:

  • Enlargers

    3x Axomat 5
    1x Axomat 5a
    1x Magnifax 4

  • Sinks

    3 custom sinks that fit up to 1000mm x 850mm prints

  • Drying racks

    1 heated drying rack
    A large hanging area

  • Print Chemcials

    Ilford Multigrade Developer
    Ilford Rapid Fixer

  • Film Chemcials

    Ilford ID-11
    Ilford XTOL
    Kodak TMax
    Ilford Ilfostop
    Ilford Rapid Fixer

  • Film developing

    Single and double tanks
    Film changing bag
    Cassette opener
    Drying locker